Along with web development I have a varied skillset in other areas.

  • As Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor at BYU-Idahos newspaper, The Scroll, I oversaw the visual layout/design of a weekly publication.
  • SEO Account Manager for 3 months - Google Analytics, Place Listings and Keywork Research.
  • Basic Graphic Design - brochure and infokit built in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Team Leader for the winning ad campaign in my Advertising class. Which I laid out with Adobe InDesign.

An example of an e-commerce redesign I did on my own time, where I also designed the visual components in Photoshop to match the theme of existing images from the old site. The old site was built with html tables. A practice that has been outdated for several years.

Click on the images below to interact with the full sites.


old epic longboards website


new Epic Longboards site designed by Sean R Parker Epic Longboards product category page designed by Sean R Parker